Super Powerboy - Character / Environment Art

Here is a sample of the work I did, whilst working for Pixel Blast, on Super Powerboy (iOS/AppleTv).
I was involved in creating Character and Environment art, primarily for the later stages of the game.
This included the Zone 4 character and the Zone 4 and 5 Enemies and Environment art.

Rupert levin l14 fe screenshot
Rupert levin l14 fe model breakdown
Rupert levin 12 z4 shot 720p

A shot from an early mission in Zone 4

Rupert levin 14 z4 shot 720p

An in game shot from a later mission in Zone 4

Super Powerboy - Zone 4 Suit

Rupert levin mothership

Alien Mothership

Rupert levin mechs


Rupert levin ships


Rupert levin pods

Floating Pods

Rupert levin platforms

Alien Platforms

Rupert levin 16 z5 shot 720p

Late game Zone 5 Mission