Eden: The Game - Environment Art

Here's a sample of the environment artwork I did for Eden, a game which launched alongside the Channel 4 TV show of the same name. I made all the buildings, decorations, and resource icons for the game.

Each of the buildings and decorations had to fit into a strict low poly budget of 3x 220 vert meshes, and share a single 2048x2048 texture sheet.

Rupert levin ingameshot1

A late stage shot of the game.

Rupert levin campfire1 5 v5


Rupert levin storehousel1 6 v5


Rupert levin butcher1 3 v5


Rupert levin carpenter1 3 v5


Rupert levin fishinghut1 3 v5

Fishing Hut

Rupert levin kitchen1 3 v5


Rupert levin decorations v5


Rupert levin icons v5

Resource Icons